Ogma Brewing Company

A Unique Neighborhood Brewery

Our inspiring environment, welcoming atmosphere, and community-focused events will bring people together. The beer we make will set us apart and draw local and regional patrons back to Jackson for more.

Who We Are

Troy Craft

Head of Production

Wielding seven years of commercial brewing, Troy is head of production in the brewery. He will handle ordering materials, recipe development and production and sales of exceptional beer.

Kevin Craft

Construction Manager

Leveraging 18 years in commercial & residential construction, Kevin will be the go–to guy to build, maintain and fix shit. He’ll also be trained as a brewer to work in production and the taproom.

Andrew Volk

Brand Development

With 10 years of entrepreneurial business experience, Andrew will lead brand development, digital marketing and the overall experience at Ogma Brewing. He will also assist in production and sales.

Beer First

Everything Else Second

Using the highest quality ingredients, Ogma Brewing will broaden your spectrum of beer drinking. Taking no shortcuts and being passionate stewards of our craft is of utmost importance.

Beer Styles

Just To name a few:

  • Easy-drinking session Ales
  • Juicy, hop-forward IPA’s
  • Browns
  • Stouts
  • American Sours
  • Belgian Inspired Ales

From the Get-Go

In addition to our top notch liquids, we’re offering more to ensure patrons love their time at Ogma Brewing Company and come back for more.

Doing It Right

It Starts Now

Investing in equipment that will allow us to scale our volume, while sticking to a precise brewing schedule, will ensure we hit the ground hauling ass and meeting demands in both beer production and sales behind the taps.


Take OGMA Home

In addition to our growlers & crowlers, patrons can take home bottles from our curated “Michigan Made” beer cooler. This will be stocked with mainstays and special releases from other great local breweries.


Gotta Eat

Our brewery will have a limited menu regularly offering gourmet grilled cheeses, delicious soups and bomb-ass meat and cheese boards. Local food trucks will be featured on occasion.

The Plan

And Where You Come In

Our buildout timeline, what we need and how you can help plant the seeds.

Our Timeline


Spring 2018


Spring 2019


Summer/Fall 2019

What We Need

Seeking people to help us grow.

  • Brewing equipment
  • Brewpub buildout
  • Licensing
  • Legal services
  • Merchandising
Let’s Talk

Interested in helping? Details

Let’s have a real conversation. We’d love to buy you a beer.

Email us at: ogma@ogmabrewing.com

Mildly intrigued?

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