Patience, Location and a Plan

This brewery has been 5 years in the making. That’s pushing 2,000 days. A lot of shit has happened in that time. I’m keying on one thing right now though. Patience. It’s taken a lot.

Since late 2016, we’ve had roughly 100 meetings. Admittedly, a few have been a wash (thanks, Two Hearted). Still, we’ve logged some sizable hours and, as productive as this series of meetings has felt, we’re still in the business planning zone. Which is definitely the friend-zone of starting a damn brewery, I’ll tell you that much. Important to the foundation but come on! But we’re getting there.

 Ogma Brewing Co. right now.

  • We have a location picked out (no lease agreements signed yet). And it’s a special one. Near and dear to a lot of 25 to 35-year-olds in Jackson. This milestone is huge because there are so many dependencies that go along with it. Until you find your location, there is a lot of “well, I don’t fucking know’s” floating around as far as brewing equipment, layout design and capacity decisions go. Not to mention the big one. Cost!
  • We have a name (duh) and website (you’re on it). Again, huge. And exhausting. I think we may have spent 4-6 weeks on just name research. There are a lot of incredibly creative and sick brewery name ideas. And they are fucking taken, haha. We spent many hours using trademark search tools and uncovering little breweries with sweet names all across the world. In the end, we chose OGMA BREWING CO. We like the simplicity of the name and Ogma (a Celtic god and brewer) is a bit of a badass if you do your research. However, if you’re expecting a bunch of theming around the legend of Ogma, you’re gonna be disappointed. That’s not our direction.
  • Legals and LLC. We’ve filed for and set up our LLC.
  • Pitch sheets. We have well-designed info sheets created to help with pitching process our brewery. It’s been really helpful to have something in-hand in talking with family, friends and potential investors about the project.
  • Brainstorming. We’ve had a lot of time to imagine and discuss the details that will set us apart in Jackson and the craft beer culture as a whole. The elements that will make Ogma Brewing Co. an establishment you’ll have good memories of when you’re 75-years-old and looking back at your time in Jackson, Michigan. Beer concepts, brewery equipment, lighting, seating, music volume, exactly how much metal we’re playing, community event ideas, handmade bar stools, bathroom decor, etc. Vibes vibes vibes. We’ve thought about (and strongly debated) it all.


What we’re working on now.

  • Logo and identity design. Maybe you’ve seen our profile pic? Yeah, that is not our logo. We’re drafting ideas right now. If you are a sick designer that can execute in Illustrator as well, hit us up. We know what we want but are not fluent in the vector creation process yet.
  • Meetings on meetings. We’ve been in meetings with business consultants, other brewers, seasoned beer business experts, CPA’s, contractors, cooks (yes, we’re having food) and plenty of beer drinkers with solid ideas. All of this continues to strengthen our business plan and helps us produce sound financial projections and costs before we take the next step in finding funding.
  • Investors (and bank) meetings. Although we know working with a bank in some capacity is inevitable for us, we really are striving to work with individual investors as much as we can. Ogma Brewing Co. has the community at the forefront of everything we do and that includes the funding of the brewery. We are aiming to have an Ogma Brewing pitch campaign made by the start of April, 2018. This will give you a better idea of our plans for the brewery and hopefully produce the goosebumps that we get every damn day realizing the refreshing role Ogma Brewing Company is being built to fill in the Jackson community.

I promised myself less than 10 bullet points on all of these updates, so we’ll wrap it up now. I hope you continue to read and maybe even learn (from our mistakes) through this process.

Eager to pour you a pint one day.



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