Ogma Mug Club Membership

Ogma Mug Club Memberships are available through our online shop.

Membership perks!

We’ve developed our mug club perks to bring you as much value as possible. Here is where we stand now, more perks may be added later.

Ogma Mug Club Membership

  • 22 oz Ogma Membership Mug (6 oz more!)
  • 10% off merchandise for life
  • 1 free special event ticket yearly
  • $1 birthday pours (woah there buddy, limited to 3 pours!)
  • Lifetime member, no annual fees

Weekly “Mug Club Day” Perks  – All Ogma Membership Levels

  • $1 off pours (limited to 3 pints)
  • Half off appetizers
  • Half off one crowler or growler

More than a mug — it’s a collection

These bad boys are hand crafted by our friends at Munkstein. We’re working with artist Matt Stikker to develop our specific design. The design below is one of Matt’s previous projects, not our actual design! These will be like no other membership mug you’ve had before. Totally rippin’ and rad.

And there is more…

Introducing the Ogma Mug Club Collection. Your mug is going to be the start of something great. Every 2-3 years, we will put out a new mug design for future waves of membership. As a current member, you will have first dibs at adding the new design to your membership mug collection! The price will be fair and this will add social clout to your original mug as no mug design will ever be produced again. It will show how far you go back with Ogma Brewing Co.