Life Lessons & Griffin Claw

Two hours into researching glassware, it hit me. This whole process is a lot like life. You can’t have everything you want. And sometimes you have to choose one thing at the expense of another.

Needless to say, your pint glass won’t have fucking flakes of gold in it at Ogma Brewing Company. But we promise it will feel real nice in your hand.

What we’ve been up to:

  • Brewery layout drafts and proposals from Quality Tank Solutions
  • Logo design. We’ve landed on a “working logo” as we continue to build this thing. Ya dig?
  • Menu development. Num num num.
  • Glassware hunting at Grandstand Glassware (remember that whole life lesson up there?)
  • Working with a lawyer on our trademark filing

Meeting with Griffin Claw

This past weekend was topped off by a great meeting with Pat from Griffin Claw Brewing Company. We sought out help in understanding how to better work with investors, realize funding scenarios and a tour of their impressive brew system. This was a huge favor to us and we’re quite thankful. Thanks, Pat!

What’s next

We’re dedicating meetings this week to our food menu. We’re the first to admit, this isn’t our strength. Luckily, we’re not too proud to bring in people that know how to do food right. I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ll be kicking out for lunch.

We’re beginning to schedule our investor “ask” presentations, pitch video, and a very exciting pitch party. These are huge pieces to the development of Ogma Brewing Company and we’re excited to get going on them.

Eager to pour you a pint one day.


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