Ogma Kickstarter Project: February 1-March 7, 2019

Ogma Family, hello!

Update: Our Kickstarter Project is now live

A big moment for the Ogma Community. On Friday, February 1, 2019, we will be launching our Kickstarter Project! Our goal is to reach 25,000 bones. As ambitious as that sounds, we’re confident that 5 weeks of consistent grinding on our end AND a ton of love from this community will get the job done. Backing and sharing our Kickstarter Project with your homies would mean a lot to us.

In the meantime, we wanted to give you just a little taste of some Kickstarter Rewards that we have for you. We’ll also list some of the perks of our Ogma Membership Mug Club — which is available for the first time through our Kickstarter Project!

First thing, give the Kickstarter Rewards episode of our podcast a listen while you check out some rewards.

Ogma Podcast: Kickstarter Rewards Episode

Come to an Ogma Kickstart “Meet-up”

We will be hosting 3 public events around Jackson where we invite you to meet us, hear our plans for Ogma Brewing Co. in Downtown Jackson and hopefully get back to your day ready to support and share our Kickstarter Project!

Kickstarter Coffee Break Events

Kickstarter Project Rewards

The good stuff. We can’t give away all of our secrets but here are a few things you can expect to score if you choose to back our project!

Ogma Brewing Stickers

Ogma Brewing Coaster Set (3)

Ogma Brewing Trucker Hat

Ogma “Kickstarter Supporter” Hoodies, T’s & Tanks

This design is unique to this moment in the Ogma journey. When you’re rolling around with your Ogma Kickstarter Supporter gear, it’s going to say you’ve been here from the start. It’s two words that say a lot to us.

Handmade (by us) & engraved Ogma Brewing Bottle Opening Board

Ogma Brewing Pint Glass

Ogma Membership Mug Club

We are developing our mug club benefits to bring as much value as possible to you. Listed below are where we’ve landed for now.

Basic Ogma Membership

  • 22 oz Ogma Mug
  • 10% off merchandise (forever)
  • 1 event (yearly) included with an Ogma Membership
  • 25 cent birthday pours
  • Lifetime member, no annual fees

Pro Model Ogma Membership

  • 22 oz Ogma Mug
  • Custom Pro Model skate deck mug holder mounted behind bar
  • 10% off merchandise (forever)
  • 3 events (yearly) included and a Pro Model Ogma Membership
  • 25 cent birthday pours
  • $1 off crowlers and growlers
  • Lifetime member, no annual fees

Weekly Mug Club Day Perks (Tuesdays) – All Ogma Memberships

  • $1 off pours
  • Half off appetizers
  • Half off one crowler or growler

22 oz. Ogma Membership Mug Concept. Prototype only — not actual artwork.

Pro Model Ogma Membership

We’ll go into this more on our actual Kickstarter Project page but here is some eye candy for now.

Awesome. What is Kickstarter?

If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a simple, secure & straight-forward, industry standard crowdfunding platform where you can help us raise start-up cash while scoring some exclusive Ogma Brewing Co. gear in return. If our campaign is successfully funded and we meet our goal of 25,000, your pledge will be awarded to Ogma Brewing Co. and you will get your chosen rewards in return. If we DO NOT reach our goal of 25,000, your pledge will be returned to you. Worry not, we’re gearing up, along with your help, to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Learn more about Kickstarter

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