Ogma Brewing Taproom

“We're Gonna Give This a Go”

October included six special Ogma "pre-opening" events over the span of its final two weekends. These evenings included 250 mug club members, immediate family and our incredible crew to help us owners remember to breathe.

The tap line-up featured Hesher Sweat (American Lager), Doom Claw (IPA), Sabro Cadabra (Pale Ale) and Hellion Wølv (Dark Lager). The first weekend also included small taster plates from our food menu and a stellar live performance by Chey Halliwill.

Our second weekend featured the same tap line-up as well as the Nom Nom Ninja food truck, a mood setting live DJ set by Carlos and an entire weekend of great costumes!

Some of our favorite moments included:

  • Finally meeting so many of our mug club members in-person and watching them experience Ogma beer and their gigantic member mugs for the first time
  • Getting to feel the natural "Ogma vibe" through music, lighting and the buzz of human connection
  • Working together with our team
  • The food (yum dude)
  • The costumes, secret selfies, laughs, yells (of joy), hugs, cheers and genuine excitement of what is to come
  • Taking in valuable comments and great feedback
  • Troy's birthday
  • Reading Chuck's incredible article
  • Pouring pints, canning 4-packs to-go and selling our killer "Party Reaper" tee's
  • Seeing our Pro Model skate decks hung
  • And finally, catching our families in a "proud" pause or two (as we worked our tails off)

As we set out to plan these events, I knew they would be memorable and special in so many ways. However, there was no way I thought they'd go so smoothly. That's a testament of hard work, a killer staff, supportive families and so much patience from our members over the years.

Thank you all.

What's next

I guess that leads us to our next step — a public opening. As of writing this (10:42 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3), we owe the public an official opening date announcement sometime in the next 60 hours or so. Actually, on that note, I better go!

Until then...


Andrew, Kevin & Troy